Broken Rib at BMW Invitational

Ok… is the story of my week at the BMW Charity Classic. The week started off amazing. I won the par 3 tournament on Monday with Robbie Biershenk and I made my 10th hole in one. 144 yard 9 iron. Last year Max Homa won the par 3 event and then won the tournament. I played practice rounds with Frankie Muniz and Lucas Black. I then get my tee times and find out I am in the group with Patrick Warburton! Things are going great for me at this point. I felt like a win was on the horizon. The reshuffle was going to happen after this tournament and I needed to just make the cut to guarantee I would get in the next 4 events. I wasn’t thinking about that at all, because I was focusing on winning. I start the 1st round at the reserve at Lake Keowee. A very hilly course. I get off to a fast start making birdies on 2 and 3. I get in the golf cart shuttle to go to the 4th hole. We get about ¾ of the way up the hill, I just circled my birdie for #3 and was thinking about how this is going to be my week. In a split second, the front wheels of the cart came off the ground and the cart went out of control down a huge hill. The cart slammed into a tree and I was ejected into the air and I slammed into another tree. I then tumbled about 20 yards down the hill. I was laying on my back thinking… wtf just happened. I still had my scorecard in my hand. I felt like my leg and ribs were broken. Eventually I get helped up the hill to assess the damage. My leg and arm were bleeding. I could walk so I was not worried about the leg at that point. I felt like my ribs were broken though. My Caddie Bryan Garmroth also got injured. He hit his back, head, and cut his leg. They let the group behind us play through to give me time to get bandaged up and make a decision to keep playing or withdraw. Eventually the rules official told me to make a decision. I decided I needed to try to keep playing and see if I could somehow shoot under par for the day. The 4th hole is a downhill par 3 that was playing about 180 yards. I decided to hit a driver to just advance it near the green. I could barely swing. I just flipped my wrists and connected with it and it went 30 yards over the green into a bush. I took a penalty and then made an amazing up and down for bogey. I decided to try and play another hole. I figured I would withdraw soon, but I just kept on plugging away. Somehow I shot 71. I woke up the next day feeling worse, but decided to give it a go. Every single shot was painful, but I found a way to shoot 69. I had a chance to make the cut. On the 3rd day every part of my body was sore and the ribs were getting worse each day. I grinded out a 71 and fell short of the cut. Now that the adrenaline was wearing off, I could barely get around. On day 4(Sunday) I finally decided to go to the doctor. I did not go during the week, because I didn’t want to know the extent of the injury. I wasn’t going to stop playing. X rays confirmed that rib 6 was broken. I saw the X ray and the rib is actually out of line. Not good. Couldn’t have happened at a worse time. I was feeling like some great golf was just about to happen for me. I don’t know how long this will put me out, but I will be back.